Antique Chinese Dragon Robe Kesi Surcoat CT61


Colourful silk fabric, gold threads and silk. China, Qing Dynasty, approx. 18th to early 19th C. A very rare ceremonial outer garment of a high official, as it holds five clawed dragons. It is entirely and very elaborately woven in real kesi technique and offers a large dragon above ocean waves and rocks, in the chest area. On the shoulders likewise, and smaller renditions on the seams of the short sleeves. The dominant pattern consists of clouds, which have the form of ruyi heads of the dignity sceptre. Fluttering between them are bats; there are also red wan-symbols (swastika, together meaning "immensely long life") as well as flowers and objects from the Babao (the "eight precious things"). On the back, the depiction is the same as on the front. Original gold yellow silk lining on the inside. Traces of wear and small faults and repairs due to age mostly near the sleeves. Overall in rarely found good condition. SIZE: APPROX. 70cm x 136cm.

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