Antique Chinese Silver Gilt Filigree Fan CH5


Chinese Real Gold Gilt Silver Filigree antique hand fan, Canton, China, c1830. Extremely Ornate and Elaborate hand carved. One of the finest arts work performed about 200 years ago. This Gorgeous survivor has Wonderful design and Magnificent hand work. Absolutely a Museum piece and hard to find in this beautiful original condition without any damage, stick missing or repair.  Absolutely authentic item and NOT reproduction that commonly seen in the market. Still has the original ribbon but needs redo. This Amazing found is completely original without any mismatch or missing stick, with all complete 24 inner sticks and 2 master guard sticks Size - 7 ½ "closed, 13" open. This filigree fan is made of silver and real gold gilt decorated with enamels, and such metalwork is made by very high skill master jewellers and sold by weight. They are delicate, valuable, and impractical, many must have been melted down at times of financial stress and were probably made for presentation purposes.

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