Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS24


A very rare superb large monster blade used by Imperial Japanese Army Officer during WW2. This civilian mount is a rare version with large silver and copper inlay dragon tsuba and brown lacquered mother of preal wooden scabbard. All fittings are complete and original in suite of interesting bamboo style and matching with nothing missing. Mount is in very good original condition just minor paint lost on scabbard. This sword was obtained from the descent of an American nurse who was once a prisoner in the Japanese camp in Philippine during the WW2. It was belonged to a prison guard who used to carry it in front of the prisoners. Because of its large size, it made all prisoners very frighten when he passed by with it. After the war, this American nurse requested to have possession of this sword from the guard for memory. This monster blade is huge and extremely sharp with long tip. Any blade over 30" is very rare to be found in used during WW2. Tang is mumei with 2 holes, possible Shinto or Shinshinto period made blade. This is a hand made hand forged blade which carries a very clear hamon with nice tight itame hada metal grain, also shows some beautiful and clear activities all over it. This long strong heavy and powerful blade is in superb flawless condition overall. No crack, no bend, no chip, no blister and no forging flaws at all just minor stains and scratch marks. Blade is very majestic in size and shape, measures 32" from tip to guard or nagasa 30.75". Sword overall 43.5" with 11" handle. 

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