Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS28


This is one remarkable Signed Handmade Hand forged Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword. 

High quality 4 pairs seppa Shin Gunto Mount with all original matching fittings. Original reddish brown lacquered metal scabbard with wood lining. Lock mechanism works perfect.

A Real hand forged Gendaito blade signed by Hizen koku Masatsugu one of the most famous sword smith during war time period. His real name is Taguchi Koichi, was born in Karatsu city, Saga prefecture, in July 1904. More detail can be found in John Slough's book page 106 and 107. His blade is rated 1 Million yen.

This balde was signed on both side. One side as Hizen koku Masatsugu and the other side as Koki Nisen roppyaku Ichi-nen ni-gatsu kichi jitsu (lucky day Feb 1941).
This blade has a very bright and clear suguba hamon running all along the cutting edge to the tip forming a Strong and Powerful boshi. Hamon is easily visible from across the room. Marvellous activities can also be found within the tight itame metal gain hada of the blade.
Blade is extremely sharp and is in Superb flawless condition overall, No crack, no bend, no blister, no kizu, no nick, no rust and no forging flaws at all with 90% + original polish, only some minor finger print stain. 
This superb sharp and healthy blade has a very heavy powerful feel on hand, extremely well forged blade and perfectly straight.
Blade measures 26" + 1/2" from tip to guard. Nagasa measures 25" + 1/2 ". Sword overall 39.5" with 10 "handle. Blade is in original high grade war time polish with a very special and rare polisher mark and in excellent condition overall.

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