Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS29


A rare to find Signed Antique blade in Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword mount. This Shingunto mount is a high quality version with Suhama clan Samurai family silver Mon on kabutogane. Olive color lacquered heavy metal scabbard. All fittings are complete and original in suite and matching with nothing missing. Mount is in very good original condition just minor paint lost on scabbard. Blade is a rare original with uncut tang signed as Dewa Kuni Ju Gassan Munemitsu. A very famous and well documented Showa period sword smith. Blade carries an amazing and wild big clove shape hamon which is very crispy and bright. Nice tight itame hada metal grain packed with activities. The blade also has a star stamp on the tang which indicates this blade was approved by the Japanese army sword committee as a fully hand forged and water quenched blade in traditional Japanese way. This is a beautiful and healthy blade in superb flawless condition overall. No crack, no bend, no blister, no kizu and no forging flaws at all just normal minor scuff marks and one very small clip. Blade is all original without shortening and still in 95%+ war time high grade polish with polisher mark. Blade measures 26.25" from tip to guard or nagasa 25.25". Sword overall 39" with 9.5" handle. this superb sharp and healthy blade has a very heavy powerful feel on hand, extremely well forged blade and perfectly straight.

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