Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS8


A Superb Japanese officer sword in civilian style shin gunto mounting used during WW2 shin gunto.  Unusual black lacquered wood scabbard with samurai style copper fittings. Civilian type of tsuba and handle. A very high quality blade has very nice deep big Choji style hamon. This blade also exhibit some beautiful and crispy activities all over it. Tang is beautifully signed on both side. One side reads Minamoto Morinobu with rare KAO signature mark. Minamoto Morinobu is a very famous and noted smith during Showa period.  high grade Gendaito which rated 1 million Yen in John Scott Slough's book page 116 and the others. The other side reads ( a lucky day in June 1943). There is also a rare 3 rare characters marks on the back of the tang. blade has nagasa measuring 26" or tip to guard 27" and sword overall length is 41" with 9.15" handle. 

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