Imperial Japanese Army Sword JS6


 A Japanese army officer sword in shin gunto mount used during WW2. Fitted a very rare and superb high quality old blade which has total 25 characters on both side of the tang. One side reads Kaei Hichi Toshi Ka Tora Mitsu Getsu (1853 July in Luna calendar)). Ojite Minamoto Masakatsu Motome (in answer Minamoto Maskatsu request) Ishido Unju Korekazu (name of the sword smith) Tsukuru (made). On the other side reads Suki Zen Mochi Take Bu (true wisdom create war glory). Ishido Korekazu is one of the most famous swordsmith during Shinshinto period. This Ishido school has a long family tree of producing excellent swordsmith for hundreds of year. This is a very rare custom ordered hand forged blade with superb sharp cutting edge.  Blade measures 26+3/8" from tip to guard. Nagasa measures 25+3/8" in length and sword is 38" overall with 9.5" handle.

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