Imperial Japanese Army Sword Yasukunito JS17


Early version high end shingunto mount with thick pierce tsuba and 4 pairs of seppa. Silver samurai family Mon of butterfly form used by Oda clan on kabutogani.Gloss olive green lacquered heavy metal scabbard. All fittings are complete in suite and original without missing or alternation .
Blade is signed by a very well known and famous Yasukuni smith Yasushige during war time peroid. For those who want to know more about Yasukuni smith, please refer the book "Yasukuni Swords" by Tom Kishida. It is dated Showa 17th year (1942) April lucky day. Tang is in full length original without any modification or shortening.
This hand forged blade has a beautiful koto shape and feel. The signature Yasukuni-to suguba hamon runs all along the cutting edge to the tip forming a Strong and Powerful boshi. Activities and line can also be found within the tight mokume hada metal grain of the blade.
Blade is extremely sharp and is in Excellent condition overall, No crack, no bend, no blister, no nick, no pitting and with 95% + original polish. This superb sharp and healthy blade has a very graceful feel on hand, extremely well forged blade and perfectly straight.
Tip to guard measures 27 + 1/4 ", Nagasa measures 26 + 1/2". Sword overall 38 + 1/2 "with 9 + 1/4" handle.

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