Imperial Japanese Katana Sword JS30


An outstanding Signed blade in Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Civilian mount as a katana. This mount has gloss black lacquered wooden scabbard and fitted with a very expensive silver habaki. All fittings are complete and original in suite and in very good original condition just minor loose on handle. Blade is forged by one of the most famous and well documented Showa period sword smith Hiromasa, His real name is Torio Kamematsu, was born in 1908 in Ehime prefecture. He won many awards during his sword smithing carrer. This blade was signed as Yoshu Hojo ju Hiromasa saku and the another side as Kigen Nisen Roppyaku-nen Hachi-gatsu kichi-jitsu (lucky day, Aug. 1940). The tang has a very beautiful full dress file mark and is all original without any shortening or modification.

Blade is extremely sharp and is in Mint Flawless Condition overall, No crack, no bend, no blister, no kizu, no nick, no rust and no forging flaws at all with 98% + original polish, only very minor strains that is hardly noticeable at all. 

Hamon is very bright and clear, easily visible from across the room and totally can be enjoyed as is. Beside the brilliant hamon, this superb sharp and healthy blade has a very heavy powerful feel on hand, extremely well forged blade and perfectly straight.

Blade measures 27.5" from tip to guard. Nagasa measures 26.5 ". Sword overall 39" with 9.5 "handle. Blade is in original high grade war time polish with polisher mark and in excellent condition overall.

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